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Doors and Windows in Colfax, CA

The right windows and doors can really make a house pop. At Hills Flat Lumber, we’ll help you find the right combination to perfectly accentuate your home. We can even design and build custom windows and doors to your exact specifications.

Choosing a Type of Door

When selecting a door for your home, you want to find one that is visually appealing to help define your home’s style. Depending on its location, a door may play a role in conserving energy, providing security, or blocking noise. Exterior doors come in fiberglass, wood, and steel. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Interior doors are made from wood or medium-density fiberboard with the former generally more aesthetically impressive and the latter less likely to warp.

Types of Windows

At Hills Flat Lumber, we carry traditional windows in many styles and materials, as well as skylights and solar tubes. Skylights and solar tubes are great for letting more natural light into dark spots in your home or anywhere you would like to have increased light.

Our wood windows come in both hardwood and softwood with hardwood being the more expensive and durable choice. Vinyl windows are a popular option for replacement windows as they provide excellent heat and sound insulation. Whatever the material, it is important to select windows made by a manufacturer known for quality, as many windows today are built for low cost, not for value.

Why Choose Custom Doors and Windows?

Custom doors and windows can provide the perfect complement to your home because they are specifically designed with your residence in mind. They can be tailored to make the best use of the available space, and at Hills Flat Lumber, we can work with you to create any design you can imagine.

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